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Introducing… Mrs. White
Full name: Joy White

Age: 39

Born (and still live in): Winchester, Virginia

Family: husband (Dave), daughter (Madelyn- 9 years old), daughter (Emma- 6 years old), son (Jackson- 9 months) and dog (Baxter).

College: B.S. in Education from Bluefield College

         Master’s in Education from Shenandoah University

Teaching experience: 18 years (in Fauquier and Loudoun)

Grades taught: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Hobbies: volleyball, reading, shopping, and spending time with my family!

Here's a video that I really like about how people often view math:
I am privileged to teach your children and look forward to working with you to make this year a fun and successful year!  Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns.