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Thanks to a generous donor - an anonymous parent - 

Reflex Math will continue at Countryside Elementary until
28 February, 2016 


     Welcome To Countryside Elementary
Home of the Cougars
Celebrating Every Student
Maximum class sizes for the 2015-2016 school year have been established at LCPS elementary schools as follows:
Kindergarten:   25
Grades 1-3:     28
 Grades 4-5:     31
           As these maximums are reached at specific grade levels, new students will be assigned to another LCPS school through the Superintendent's Office and placed on a numbered waiting list.  If space should become available during the year, parents will be given the option to either enroll their child at the home school or have their child remain in the overflow school for the remainder of the school year.  Transportation will be provided by the school district for any child assigned to an overflow school.
             Office Number - 571.434.3250571.434.3250
                  Absentee Number - 571.434.3251571.434.3251
Absentee E-mail Notification:
Ms. Jennifer Zecher, Assistant Principal

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School Board Members

Kevin Kuesters, Broad Run District
Debbie Rose, Algonkian District
Thomas E. Reed, At Large Member 
Brenda Sheridan, Sterling District