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MSAAC Objectives and Activities
  • Ensure advocacy on behalf of minority issues within the LCPS Community
  • Promote parental involvement
  • Develop a process to facilitate the resolution of parental concerns
  • Encourage increased minority staff and volunteer presence in schools to:

    Reinforce efforts to achieve cultural awareness an cultural sensitivity

    Provide role models and assist minority students in developing self-esteem

  • Disseminate information regarding issues of interest, educational opportunities, strategies and support data
  • Participate in and host forums to encourage awareness and sensitivity, and provide needed information to parents and staff
  • Facilitate collaboration with local and national organizations and community resources
  • Advise the Loudoun County School Board regarding systemic issues affecting minority achievement
  • Facilitate communication between the community and Loudoun County Public Schools
  • Support School Board minority achievement goals and activities within the school system and at participating schools as needed
  • Review test result data on an annual basis and make recommendations
  • Submit an annual report to the Loudoun County School Board
Last Modified on November 9, 2012