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Child Find Center Staff and Contact Information

Phone: 571-252-2180
Fax: 703-779-8959
Barb McCann        Email
Colleen Johnson    Email
Lori Padgett           Email
Child Find Coordinator:
Ann Mulhall             Email
Gail King        Email
Speech Language Pathologists:
Barbara Madgwick, M.S.Ed., CCC-SLP             Email
Lu Klipple, M.A., CCC-SLP                               Email  
Donna Kennedy, M.A., CCC-SLP                      Email
Special Educators:
Karen Donberger, M.Ed.            Email
Jessica Miller, M. Ed.                Email
Margaret Paganelli, Ed.S.          Email
Diagnostic Staff Assigned to Child Find:
Naomi Miller, LCSW                 Email
Lisa Ernest, MSW                    Email
Jed Lilly, Ed.S.                         Email
Nicole Sarampote, Ph.D.              Email
Last Modified on January 29, 2015