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Here are some things you can do
to get ready for Kindergarten!

Practice writing 
your first name.
Work on learning to 
tie your shoes.
Say your ABCs.
Visit the public library
Practice galloping, skipping &running outside.
Have an adult help you practice using scissors.

Some more  concepts and skills recommended for the child entering kindergarten.


  • Identify most upper and lower case letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize first name (orally and visually)
  • Print first name with and without a model (first letter capitalized and remaining letters are lower case.)
  • Write in various ways: e.g.  - drawing, scribbling, letter-like forms, “invented” spelling, conventional forms
  • Listen to a story attentively without interrupting
  • Identify characters, objects, actions in book
  • Use new vocabulary to express and describe feelings and ideas
  • Identify beginning sounds in words
  • Understand and demonstrate positional words (over, under, in, out, behind, in front, up down, next to)
  • Exposure to rhyming sounds
  • Identify the numerals 1-10
  • Count to 20
  • Count a group of 3-5 objects ( 1:1 correspondence)
  • Understand comparison words (longer, shorter, more, fewer, same)
  • Name basic shapes - square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus (diamond)
  • Identify and extend simple patterns (blue, green, blue, green)
  • Identify basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black, brown, purple)
  • Identify body parts that correspond with the five senses (eyes, nose, ear, mouth, fingers/hand)
  • Use correct pencil grasp (crayons, markers)
  • Use scissors properly (hold correctly and cut in as straight line)
  • Able to complete an interlocking puzzle
  • Demonstrate basic gross motor  skills (running, hopping, jumping, galloping)
  • Say first and last name
  • Recognize personal space (keep hands and feet to oneself)
  • Respect and show concern for people and things
  • Listen and follow directions (one-step and two-step)
  • Play, share,  and take turns cooperatively with other children
  • Work cooperatively  in groups
  • Begin and complete activities in a reasonable time

                                                  Enjoy the Summer Time!



Last Modified on June 15, 2016