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Wed. 11/5 (B) & Thurs. 11/6 (A)
1. Review Unit Test
2. Begin OMAM Research Project: Library
HW: Make sure you have a copy of OMAM
Fri. 11/7 (B) & Mon. 11/10 (A)
1. Meet in Library to finish research for OMAM project
HW:   You are responsible for finishing your research in order to compile it next class
Tues. 11/11 (B) & Wed. 11/12 (A)
1. Meet in Library to finish project
HW: Make certain that project is complete and ready to present next class. 
Thurs. 11/13(B) & Fri. 11/14 (A)
1. Present OMAM Projects. Make sure you have a hard copy for me.
2. Board Questions re: OMAM
HW: Bring copy of OMAM to class next week. 
Mon. 11/17 (B) & Tues. 11/18 (B)
1. OMAM Kick-off Party
2. Create Dream Board 
3. Vocab Chapters 1-2 
HW: Finish Dream Board. Read and annotate chp.1
Wed. 11/19 (B) & Thurs. 11/20 (A)
1. Reading Quiz Chp.1
2. Discuss/Review Chp.1 and Complete Chp.1 Analysis 
HW: Read and annotate Chp. 2 & finish Chp.1 Analysis sheet
Fri. 11/21 (B) & Mon. 11/24 (B)
1. Reading Quiz Chp.2
2. Grammar: Semi-Colons and Comma Splices
4. Chp. 2 Discussion and Analysis: Diction and Regionalism
HW: Complete Chp.2 Analysis and Read Chp.3 
Tues. 11/25 (B) & Mon. 12/1 (A)
1. SSR: Make sure you are keeping up with the reading assignments!
2. Grammar: Semicolon Practice 
3. OMAM Chp.2 & 3 Discussion
4. OMAM Chp. 3 Analysis Questions 
HW: Read Chp.4 of OMAM. Complete any classwork you did not finish in class. 
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