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Fri. 5/1 (B) & Mon. 5/4 (A)
1. Discussion: Big Question Essay
2. Discussion: Keeping up with class during SOLs (YOU are responsible for checking this webpage and coming to class prepared)
3. TKAM vocab, chapters 1-4
5. Begin Chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird 
6. Begin filling out TKAM character analysis and lit devices chart. 
HW: Study for vocab quiz List 5
         Read TKAM Chapters 1 through 4 (if you don't own the book you can read it online- just Google it)
         Complete your Reader's Response for Chapters 1-4
         Find two (2) artifacts for your Big Question 
Wed. 4/29 (B) & Thurs. 4/30 (A)
1. Socratic Seminar!
HW: Complete Seminar Reflection 
Mon. 4/27 (B) & Tues. 4/28 (A)
*Mrs. Osborne out for a funeral
1. SSR
2. Prepare Socratic Seminar Notes 
HW: Make sure your notes are finalized and typed so you are prepared for seminar next class. 
Thur. 4/23 (B) & Fri. 4/24 (A)
1. SSR
3. Begin discussions and prework for Socratic Seminar:
Tues.4/21 (B) & Wed. 4/22 (A)
1. SSR
2. Discuss and Read Acts IV & V 
3. Finish movie 
HW: Complete timeline 
 Fri. 4/17(B) & Mon. 4/20 (A)
1. Read and act out Act III, scenes 2-4
2. Complete Act III Study Guide
3. Act III, scene ii passage analysis and annotation (email me if you need the sheets) 
HW: Finish annotating Juliet's soliloquy and Act III study guide
 Wed. 4/15 (B) & Thur. 4/16 (A)
1. Continue to complete timeline
2. Read and act out Act III, scene I
3. Watch play through Act III, scene I
4. Begin filling out Act III Study Guide 
Mon. 4/13 (B) & Tues. 4/14 (A)
1. Watch R & J up through balcony scene
2. Annotate Romeo's Act II soliloquy for motifs and lit devices 
HW: no homework 
Thurs. 4/9 (B) & Fri. 4/10 (A)
1. Romeo's Character, Act I: Identify quotes worksheet
2. Review Act I
3. Begin Act 2: Annotate Romeo's Soliloquy
HW: Write Romeo Characterization Paragraph from Act I using worksheet you filled out in class. 
Turn it in on Directions 
 Tues. 4/7 (B) & Wed. 4/8 (A)
1. Review Vocab: List 5 
2. Continue Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scenes 2-5
3. Discuss Conceit and Foils
HW: Complete Act I Sociogram 
Here is a link to the full text of R and J: 
Make sure you are filling out your timeline... 
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