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Tues. 9/2 (A) & Wed. 9/3 (B)
1. Review 9H Syllabus 
2. Review Class Expectations
3. "Someone in This Class"
 HW: Review syllabus with parent/guardian and get class contract signed. 
Thurs. 9/4 (A) & Fri. 9/5 (B)
1. Review the Habits of Mind and complete journal entry
 HW: Research and choose book for Independent Reading.  
Mon. 9/8 (A) & Tues. 9/9 (B) 
1. SSR: Please be sure to bring something to read.
2. Review: Habits of Mind
4. Complete Morphemes Worksheet for vocab list #1
5. Review Collective Nouns: (see for guidance)
HW: Choose book for Independent Reading and bring to next class. 
         Revise "Habits of Mind" journal entry if you wish to resubmit it. 
Wed. 9/10 (A) & Thurs. 9/11 (B)
1. SSR: Please be sure to bring your IR book. I will be checking.
2. Complete Writing Benchmark 
3. Review Collective Nouns
4. PowerPoint: Plot Structure Review
HW: Review Vocab List. Choose four affixes off of List 1 to create four graphic organizers 
Fri. 9/12 (A) & Mon. 9/15 (B)
1. Fairy Tale Friday!
   (Blocks 6 & 8: Yearbook Pictures!) 
2. Complete Writing Multiple Choice Benchmark
3. Collective Noun Verb Agreement Worksheet and Review
Tues. 9/16 (A) & Wed. 9/17 (B)
1. Tues: Picture Day! (4th block only)
3. Begin reading/annotating "The Most Dangerous Game" 
HW: Finish reading and annotating TMDG.
Thur. 9/18 (A) & Fri. 9/19 (B)
1. SSR
2. Check for HW: Annotated TMDG 
3. Complete TMDG Reading Guide and Review
4. Review Vocab List #1/ Study for Quiz
HW: Study for Vocab Quiz #1 
         Complete TMDG Analysis Sheet NOTE: You do not need to answer the last question. We will do that together in class.
Mon. 9/22 (A) & Tues. 9/23 (B)
1. Vocab Quiz #1
2. SSR
3. Begin writing TMDG analysis paragraph 
5. Begin Target Notes 
6. Compound Noun Review/Study for Quiz (Blocks 6 & 8)
HW: Finish analysis paragraph
        Finish TMDG target notes for characterization 
Wed. 9/24 (A) & Thur. 9/25 (B)
1. Turn in HW: TMDG APE Paragraph with Analysis Sheet and Target Notes
2. SSR
3. Begin Reader's Response Journal Entry for TMDG 
3. Introduction: Six Writing Traits
4. Begin reading and annotating "The Necklace"
HW: Finish reading and annotating "The Necklace" 
         Finish Reader's Response Journal Entry for "The Most Dangerous Game" if you need to.
Fri. 9/26 (A) & Mon. 9/29 (B)
1. Turn in HW: Annotated copy of "The Necklace" and Journal Entry
2. SSR
3. Analysis Sheet for "The Necklace" (Blocks 6 & 8)
4. Choose Big Question
HW: NO HW (Due to Homecoming Weekend - enjoy!)
Tues. 9/30 (A) & Wed. 10/1 (B)
1.  SSR
2. Analysis Sheet for "The Necklace" 
3. Review "Necklace" for comprehension and analysis
HW: Finish and type APE for "The Necklace"
         Complete 4 Graphic Organizers for Vocab List #2 
 Thur. 10/2(A) & Tues. 10/3 (B)
1. SSR
2. Journal Entry: Creative Writing Prompt
3. PowerPoint: Symbolism
4. Read "Powder"- annotating symbolism found in the story
5. Begin "Powder" Analysis WS  
HW: Complete "Powder" Analysis WS  and annotations
Mon. 10/6 (A) & Tues. 10/7 (B) 
1. Get everyone signed up for
2. Work on "Powder" APE Paragraph
HW: Complete "Powder" APE Paragraph 
Wed. 10/8 (A) & Thurs. 10/9 (B) - Activities Schedule
1. SSR
2. Read "The Scarlet Ibis"
3. Discussion
4. Begin "The Scarlet Ibis" Analysis Packet 
 HW: Make sure you have a copy of  Of Mice and Men
Fri. 10/10 (A) & Tues. 10/14 (B)
1. SSR
2. Complete "The Scarlet Ibis" Analysis Packet
HW: Finish Packet
Wed. 10/15 (A) & Thur. 10/16 (B)
1. PSAT in Homeroom (10/15)
2. Complete Reader's Response Journal Entry for "The Scarlet Ibis"
3. Vocab Review Bingo
HW: Choose one reader's response entry from your journal, and type using 12-pt. Times New Roman DOUBLE SPACED. Make sure it is at least two pages. Turn in on
         B DAY CLASSES: Study for VOCAB Quiz for Monday, 10/20 
Fri. 10/17 (A) 
1. Fairy Tale Friday!
2. Vocab Review Bingo  
3. Applying the 6-traits to your journal entry. 
HW: Study for Vocab Quiz next class and complete your 6-traits application to your journal entry. 
Mon. 10/18 (B) & Tues. 10/19 (A)
1. Choose one trait from the 6 writing traits and annotate your journal entry for that trait.
2. Write a reflective paragraph on your use of the trait in your journal and turn in.
3. Vocab Quiz
Wed. 10/20 (B) & Thurs. 10/21 (B)
1. SSR
3. Read, annotate and discuss "To a Mouse" 
HW: Study for Short Story Unit Test
Tues. 10/28 (B)
Tues. 10/28(B) & Wed. 10/29 (A) 
1. SSR
2. Big Question WS: Book and Movie
3. Big Question WS: Tying it to the Literature
4. Complete "To a Mouse"  
Thur. 10/30 (B) & Fri. 10/31 (A)
1. SSR: "The Tell-Tale Heart"
2. Discuss
3. Review Unit Test
4. Complete "To a Mouse" Discussion/Presentation
HW: You must have a copy of Of Mice and Men for next week. Please see me if you are having difficulties getting a copy. 
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