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Wednesday, April 2nd - (A) Day Activities Schedule
1.  SSR: You should be up to chapter 17 of Into Thin Air
2. Discussion : R & J. Plot Review.
3. Begin preparations for Socratic Seminar: Find textual evidence to support your
opinion on who was responsible for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths.
HW: Reader's Response for ITA chapters 16-19 due Friday, April 4th.
If you do not come prepared to class, you will lose literature circle participation points. 
Friday, April 4th - (A) Day
1. Fairy Tale Friday!
2. Into Thin Air literature circles
3. Preparation for Socratic Seminar: Socratic Seminar Notes Template
4. Emmett Till documentary
HW: Seminar notes. You MUST come to class prepared on Tuesday!
Tuesday, April 8th - (A) Day
1. Socratic Seminar - Romeo and Juliet
2. Finish Emmett Till documentary
HW: You should continue to read Into Thin Air 
Thursday, April 10th - (A) Day
1. Finish Emmett Till documentary and complete quiz
2. Begin To Kill A Mockingbird Unit: Essential question- Can an ordinary person be a hero? Discuss
3. Journal Entry: Help Wanted Ad for a hero
4. Discuss POV TKAM
HW: Find a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and have a great spring break
Monday, April 21st - (A) Day
1. Nonfiction Article and Reflection: Changes in the SAT
2. Discussion: Reiteration - Can anyone be a hero?
3. Read and Annotate "Plainswoman" by Williams Forrest.
      Annotate for the following:
       Characterization of Nora (indirect and direct)
       Hero Qualities: Consider questions raised in class
       How the setting contributes to the conflict development
HW: Finish reading and annotating "Plainswoman".
         Be sure to get a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird 
Wednesday, April 23rd - (A) Day Activities Schedule
1. In-class Analysis Paragraph - "Plainswoman"
      Choose from:
      a. How setting helped develop the conflict
      b. How the author characterizes Nora
      c. Whether or not Nora is a hero
2. Discussion: Is Nora a hero? Why or why not?
HW: Romeo and Juliet projects DUE FRIDAY. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Friday, April 25th - (A) Day
1. Romeo and Juliet project presentations
2. "Those Winter Sundays" : Annotate and answer: What does the father have to overcome? What attitudes does the son struggle with?
3. Begin TKAM: Read chapter 1
HW: Finish reading chapter 1, choose a passage that illustrates Scout's character. 
Tuesday, April 29th - (A) Day
1. Review HW and write a paragraph characterizing Scout
2. Work on study guide, chps. 1-3 
Thursday, May 1st - (A) Day
1. Discuss TKAM chapters 1-3
2. Begin reading chapters 4-6, complete Chapter 4-6 Study Guide
3. Discuss  literary devices found in TKAM
HW: Finish reading chapters 4-6 and complete study guide 
Monday, May 5th - (A) Day
1. OPTIC visual analysis - "The Unknown Hero"
2. Discussion and questions chapters 4-6 TKAM
3. Begin reading chps 7-8
HW: Read chapters 7 & 8 of TKAM, annotating for evidence of the relationship between the children and Boo.
How does Lee invite readers to feel sympathy for or create curiosity about Boo? 
There will be a reading check (quiz) next class. 
Tuesday, May 13th - (A) Day
1. Group work:  TKAM Part 1 - which events moved plot forward and how?
2. Began group work: thematic development TKAM part 1
HW: Read chapters 14 &15 and annotate for theme development. There will be a quiz next class on these chapters.
Thursday, May 15th - (A) Day
1. Reading Quiz, chapters 14 &15
2. Complete questions for chapters 14 & 15
3. Discussion: Chapters 14 & 15
HW: Read chapters 16-18 and annotate. 
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