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1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Discussion: OMAM Chapter 2- Theme Analysis
4. Begin Chapter 3 
HW: Finish your Theme Analysis 
Fri. 11/6 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Finish OMAM Chapter 1
Wed. 11/4 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Of Mice and Men Literary Elements 
4. Discussion on Tone
5. Began Chapter 1 of OMAM
Fri. 10/22 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
       a. Characterization PowerPoint 
      b. Irony PowerPoint 
      c. Symbolism PowerPoint 
4. Began "Angela's Ashes"
HW: Please study for your short story unit test, which will be next Tuesday, 10/27. 
Wed. 10/21 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Writing Benchmark Test
4. Block 6: Work on Ghost Story
    Block 7: Make vocab flash cards.
HW: Block 6- finish and type Ghost Story. Must be turned in on Friday. Block 7- study vocab list #2 
Mon. 10/19 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Block 6: Continued writing ghost story
4. "The Scarlet Ibis" Student-Generated Questions 
5. Block 7: Vocab Pictures: List 2 
HW: Finish "Scarlet Ibis" WS if you did not finish in class. Finish vocab pictures if you did not in class. 
Thurs. 10/15 (B Day)
1. SSR
2. DGP
3. Block 6: Continue to work on ghost story
    Block 7: Ghost story drafts due
4. Finish Reading "The Scarlet Ibis" and generate five questions
5. Class discussion on "TSI" using student-generated questions. 
Tues. 10/13 (B Day) 
1. SSR: Please continue to fill out your reading log.
2. DGP
3. Continue to work on your ghost story
4. Block 6: Finish "The Scarlet Ibis" and write five critical thinking questions about the story.
    Block 7: Review critical thinking question stems and begin reading "The Scarlet Ibis" 
Mon. 9/28 (B Day)
1. Trip to library. Make sure you bring your book with you for the next class.
2. "Fish Cheeks" APE Paragraph
HW: Type APE Paragraph using MLA Format. Remember to use Times New Roman 12 pt. font and double space the entire document. Insert a header page number and include your last name.
Wed. 9/30 (B Day)
1. DGP (Daily Grammar Practice)
2. SSR. Be sure to fill out your Independent Reading Log 
3. Read "The Sniper" and fill out Read Along Questions
Fri. 10/1 (B Day) 
Mrs. Osborne was absent due to illness 
Tues. 10/6 (B Day)
1. DGP
2. SSR
3. Lesson: Appositive Phrases
HW; Finish WS if you did not finish in class. 
Last Modified on November 12, 2015