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Wed. 11/5 (B) & Thurs. 11/6 (A)
1. Review Unit Test
2. Begin OMAM Research Project: Library
HW: Make sure you have a copy of OMAM
Fri. 11/7 (B) & Mon. 11/10 (A)
1. Meet in Library to finish research for OMAM project
HW:   You are responsible for finishing your research in order to compile it next class
Tues. 11/11 (B) & Wed. 11/12 (A)
1. Meet in Library to finish project
HW: Make certain that project is complete and ready to present next class. 
Thurs. 11/13(B) & Fri. 11/14 (A)
1. Present OMAM Projects. Make sure you have a hard copy for me.
2. Board Questions re: OMAM
HW: Bring copy of OMAM to class next week. 
Mon. 11/17 (B) & Tues. 11/18 (B)
1. OMAM Kick-off Party
2. Create Dream Board 
3. Vocab Chapters 1-2 
HW: Finish Dream Board. Read and annotate chp.1
Wed. 11/19 (B) & Thurs. 11/20 (A)
1. Reading Quiz Chp.1
2. Discuss/Review Chp.1 and Complete Chp.1 Analysis 
HW: Read and annotate Chp. 2 & finish Chp.1 Analysis sheet
Fri. 11/21 (B) & Mon. 11/24 (B)
1. Reading Quiz Chp.2
2. Grammar: Semi-Colons and Comma Splices
4. Chp. 2 Discussion and Analysis: Diction and Regionalism
HW: Complete Chp.2 Analysis and Read Chp.3 
Tues. 11/25 (B) & Mon. 12/1 (A)
1. SSR: Make sure you are keeping up with the reading assignments!
2. Grammar: Semicolon Practice 
3. OMAM Chp.2 & 3 Discussion
4. OMAM Chp. 3 Analysis Questions 
HW: Read Chp.4 of OMAM. Complete any classwork you did not finish in class. 
Tues. 12/2 (B) & Wed. 12/3 (A)
1. SSR: Use this time to catch up on OMAM!
2. Vocab: List 3 
3. Vocab Poster
4. OMAM- Discussion Chapter 3
HW: Finish Chp.4 Questions 
Thur. 12/4 (B) & Fri. 12/5 (A)
1. Reading Quiz, chapters 3 & 4 
2. Journal Entry: Creative Writing focusing on two writing traits 
3. OMAM Discussion Chapter 4
HW: Complete the novella and analysis questions 
Mon. 12/8 (B)
1. SSR: You should be finished with OMAM
2. Vocab Review: QUIZ NEXT CLASS
3. Discussion: OMAM chapters 5 & 6. 
4. Using your "Lit Devices in OMAM" PowerPoint, annotate chapters 5 & 6. You and your partner will then pick your best two to share with the class. Winning group gets free homework passes! 
HW: Study for vocab quiz. 
Tues. 12/9 (A) (Mrs. Osborne absent)
1. SSR
2. OMAM Chps. 3 & 4 Reading Quiz
3 OMAM Chps. 5 & 6 Read and Complete Analysis Questions
Wed. 12/10 (B) and Thur. 12/11 (A)
1. Vocab Quiz
2. SSR
3. Finish annotating for literature devices and literary periods (chps. 5 & 6).
4. Present findings
HW: Study for OMAM Unit Test- NEXT CLASS 
 Fri. 12/12 (B) & Mon. 12/15 (A) 
1. OMAM Unit Test 
Tues. 12/16 (B) & Wed. 12/17 (A)
Thur. 12/18 (B) & Fri. 12/19 (A)
1. Watch Of Mice and Men
2. Complete Novella/Film Comparison
Mon. 1/5 (B) & Tues. 1/6 (A)
1. SSR
2. Journal Entry: Relate something you saw or heard over break to your Big Question
3. VocabList 4
4. PowerPoint: Essay Basics
HW: Come up with your essay topic and create a graphic organizer complete with supporting details.
Fri. 1/9 (B: 2 hour delay) - 1/7 & 1/8 were snow days
1. SSR
2. Read "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty and annotate each event that happens to Phoenix as you read. (Modeled in class)
HW: Create a timeline of the events in the story and include the setting, significant objects/people and how the outcome of each event helps lead to the conclusion of the story. 
Tues. 1/13 (B) - 1/12 was a snow day
1. SSR
2. Begin writing persuasive essay in class. Review rough draft with Mrs. Osborne
HW: Finish rough draft  
Tues. 1/20 (B) (Wed. 1/21 - Snow Day)
1. Journal: Writing Reflection
2. Essay Edit: Focus - Sentence Fluency.
3. "A Worn Path" Partner Work: What repetitive images, events, objects or ideas do you see in the story? Consider any pattern and its significance.
4. Top Ten Taboos - Review and sign contract
5. Begin "Intro to Mythology" and Questions 
HW: Finish reading both "Intro to Mythology" and "The Gods" and answer all study guide questions pertaining to the two. 
Thurs. 1/22 (B) - Two Hour Delay
1. SSR
2. "Cupid and Psyche"  
HW: No homework tonight 
Fri. 1/23 (A)
1. Fairy Tale Friday!
2. "A Worn Path" Partner Work: What repetitive images, events, objects or ideas do you see in the story? Consider any pattern and its significance.
3. Begin Rough Draft of persuasive essay
HW: Complete rough draft 
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