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John Champe Band Boosters monthly meeting on May 8, 2014
A. Trailer update – everything is fully measured. Do we wrap or paint? What to do on the inside? Will it be big enough for next year band? Numbers by late May? Probably march @ 100 students next year. How much extra equipment do we need to move?  Probably need to add a shelving system. Load plan with pictures so easy to load. Team to research design and come up with ideas. John, Tracy and Michael, Paul and Dan. Meeting date of the team w/in two weeks.
Dr. Kravitz – will support us with whatever we need. Really supports the marching band. Go through his assistant. He is willing to sponsor the trailer. Need to scope out painting vs. wrap. Prices etc…have art department create design? Jonathan will speak to art teacher. Must have john champe marching knights, dr. kravitz
Trailer completed by middle of August.
Gross vehicle weight of trailer? John will check. Do we need to bolt first before vinyl wrap?
B. Charms office purchase – stuck in purchasing. Needs to be tested since computer purchase.  LCPS IT dept needs to test. Motion to purchase for $300 passed so we can start using it directly. Alison will take care of this.

C. Uniforms – need team of six to support. Measured and fitted. Tailor will take care of the hems. One to two to help them hang up after games. One team lead and 3+ key players. 

D. New Band families – 8th grade will be here for our concert on May 14th. Discuss pot luck – we are a family oriented group. Every Friday during marching band camp.

E. Sign up genius- help with uniforms after concert. Collect that night. Judy will add. 

F. Fundraising research team  - Michael will lead. Paul, Mark Friend.
- Tag Day as soon as possible get on schedule
- Mulch/ spring
- Guard show?
- Winter fruit
- Claire’s gourmet
Jazz band needs gigs to raise money. 
G. Year end party – Willowsford. June 5th or June 6th . Michael will check community pool too. Report back by May 20th. 

H. Internet capabilities for parent volunteers. Open network for next year. Tracy bring router???
Credit card processing site?
I. Marching Band 
1. Buy awards – already budgeted. Medals, banner for honor band. Two special awards. John Philip Sousa and Louis Armstrong – plaques.
2. Decorate band room. Shelving perpetual plaques. Picture of graduates who March. Sponsor plaques. 
3. Art students design stuff for room and hallway
4. Price check honor band banner for band room. Jonathan will send specs to Nancy. Cloth, 4 x 3, navy and silver. Motion approved to purchase. 
5. Band camp starts on the 4th for percussion – calendar online soon. Potluck 15th 
6. Tag day September 13th 
7. Pot luck before home football game once per month? Motion approved. 
8. Calendar going online soon…
9. Jonathan trying to hire a percussionist to help band. School paying for one class we pay for another. Build into band budget. 
10. Need to get IC agreement signed up front – these get 1099. 
11. Need to collect water for next season.
12. Next meeting date Tuesday June 3rd.
13. Get flowers for seniors to wear at concert. Lisa will get them. 

To do:
Judy – price out Honor band alternatives
Michael – check availability of his local pool as backup for end of year party
Jonathan – discuss art for trailer with Art department. Check availability of Willowsford pool for end of year party.
Fundraising team – schedule meeting to discuss options.
Alison – purchase charms office software.