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Cosmetology I  

Grades: 11 or 12                                                                   Credits: 3

Prerequisite:  Competitive Application Process      


The first year of Cosmetology introduces students to the basics of shampooing and hairstyling, scalp treatments, hair cutting, finger waving, pin curling, roller techniques, chemical relaxing, permanent waving, hair coloring, facials, make-up, wig care, and nail care.  Related subjects include public health, personal hygiene & bacteriology. Salon management and professionalism are emphasized.


Regular and punctual attendance is essential for success in this course.


Students are required to purchase a cosmetology kit which includes shears, mannequins, flat iron, curling iron, and other necessary supplies for the two-year program. A $20 lab free is also imposed.



Cosmetology II 

Grades: 12 or Post-Graduate                                                    Credits: 3

Prerequisite:  Cosmetology I   


Students are taught the advanced skills necessary in developing job entry requirements as a cosmetologist by performing the services expected in a professional salon environment.  Advanced skills include: hair cutting, permanent waving and chemical relaxing services; tinting, lightening, special effects hair color services, and color removal application; hairstyling; thermal waving and pressing; artificial nail applications; and waxing services. Students will also attain advanced training in salesmanship, salon management and ownership, product knowledge, and public relations. 


Human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and electricity, diseases and disorder of the scalp, skin, and nails is also covered.


Regular and punctual attendance is essential for completion of the required competencies needed for the State Board Exam. Students must maintain a 75% or better to sit for their SBE. Students are expected to sit for the State Board Examination at the conclusion of Cosmetology II.


In order to take the State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Examination, a student must successfully complete the program AND perform a required number of competencies in the lab.  Passing the State Board Examination is required to be employed as a licensed cosmetologist.