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Did you attend Douglass School, Douglass Community School, or Douglass High School?
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Featured Alumni
 Jocelyn Robinson
Jocelyn graduated from Douglass School in 2008, after starting at the school in tenth grade. "Douglass gave me the option to complete high school, when in all honesty, I would've dropped out. (Boy am I glad I didn't. Since graduating I have been working at a doctor's office with five locations. I started as a receptionist, then ran my own office (myself, a nurse, and a doctor), and most recently got promoted to posting charges. (I make sure they're billing for the right stuff.) I have recently started a two-year program through Lord Fairfax Community College and after that will transfer to a university. My long term goal is to major in Elementary Education...pretty funny, I couldn't wait to get out of school and now I want to be there all the time! I truly want to thank all of my teachers and Dr. Robinson for being so influential in my this day I still talk about the experience and teachers I had at Douglass."


Bijan Roy

Marine Lance Corporal Bijan Roy is from Silver Spring, Maryland and works as an airframe mechanic. See this video for more information. Video



Michael Luu

Michael is a graduate of the ISAEP program. In a recent email to his former teacher, Ms. Sage, Michael said, "I worked for Microsoft for 3 years and went on to work for another company called Comtech. I did network security for the General Services Administration for about two years. Then I Found out that I really wanted to study physics. So I quit my job making $70,000.00 per year and sent to school full time.  I am currently a student at George Mason University, finishing up my sophomore year.  At the moment I am employed as a teaching assistant for the physics department. I really like teaching and will definitely be doing it in the future.  In addition to my work and schooling I volunteer at the Arcola Fire Department and am currently in the GMU Army ROTC program.  I plan on commissioning to active duty by 2014 and serving for awhile."



Josh Heath

"I attended Douglass and graduated in 2010. After graduating , I worked for a tree service company for about six months., During that time I purchased my dream motorcycle, a Yamaha R1 street bike. However, I wasn't happy with that job so I applied and was hired by the Water Reclamation Facility in Ashburn, VA.
At this time the job is going well. I have taken several training classes at Virginia Tech for multiple licenses required for this position. I plan to enroll and take online courses at NOVA in the near future.
I purchased a truck, I wanted since3 I can remember. It's a 2006 GMC 2500 HD Duramax Diesel. May dad and I installed a 7 inch lift and several performance parts. She gets it!"
josh heath

Kari Graham

Kari Graham, a 2003 graduate of the ISAEP/GED program, is currently a nurse at Baptist Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. After completing the ISAEP/GED at Douglass School, Kari attended the University of North Florida (UNF) where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. This fall, 2011 she is planning to continue her education in order to become a radiologist.


Matthew Cole

"First I would like to thank everyone at Douglass for the support you gave me throughout high school. I you remember, while I was in school, I was intent on never going to college and being a failure. Well since I graduated I started to go to college for Information Technology. As of right now I am currently a student at Full Sail Univeristy getting a Bacherlor's degree in Entertainment Business Management. My degree program is an accelerated 25 month program. After I get my Bachelor's degree I am planning on pursuing a degree in Legal Studies, and then a Masters in Business Management."


Holly Wagner Fowler

"I attended Douglass and graduated in 1997. After graduation I attended Bridgewater College and received a BS in Communication in 2001. I worked for many non-profit organizations such as TNC, NWF, and NRPA,  before working for the Department of the Interior in Congressional Affairs, where I currently am employed.  I am finishing up my Masters in Natural Resources from VA Tech and have started another Masters from Georgetown University in Legislative Studies.   I got married in 2007 and we had a little girl this past January.

The staff at Douglass are one of a kind and I could not have gone this far without them."
Holly Fowler
Congressional Affairs
U.S. Geological Survey
holly fowler

Chuck Everheart

"My name is Chuck Everhart and I graduated from Douglas Community School in 1985. After graduation, I attended NOVA for a few semesters and worked a few go nowhere jobs before starting my career with the United States Postal Service as a rural carrier in 1988. For the last two year I have been working towards becoming a customer service/carrier supervisor. I have a 14 year old daughter, Erin.


DCS  was the end of the line for me and I want to say THANK YOU to Mr. Douglass, Mr. Corley, Mr. Trumbo, Mr. Boomer, Mr. Woodland, Mr. Diehl, Mrs. Shawen, Mrs. Landolt and the bus driver Mrs. Maloney, for their support, guidance, patience for one very troubled student. Each one of you helped make me the person I am today. You made school a place I looked forward to going every day. The things I remember the most about DCS is the time I spent in shop class with Mr. Woodland and the smile on Mr. Corley’s face on my very last day of school. "

Charles L. Everhart Jr.


Kevin Perry

"I just got back from my second tour in Iraq and I'm home in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. This was my last tour of duty and I will be separating from the military in 09. I'll be moving back to the Northern Virginia area. My family still lives in Leesburg and Sterling Park. I have an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering and am currently working on a Bachelor's Degree. Douglass is a good school. I should know. I went there through middle and high school."


Cynthia Owens

"I attended Douglass my 11th grade year. I was probably best known for my attitude problem but also my charm could not be resisted. I did not get the chance to graduate from Douglass because I moved at the end of the year to South Carolina. I was devastated about the move but I took with me the love and support that my newly found friendships had given me and the wise Douglass staff had shown me.
I appreciate everything that all of you did for me. As each day goes by I thank God and pray for all of you at Douglass. I truly owe you all for helping me find my way back to succeed in life."

Beth McKeone

Since attending Douglass School, Beth graduated from the Welding program at Monroe Technology Center and from Park View High School. She has completed one year as a student at St. Petersburg Community College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Currently while taking a leave of absence SPCC, Beth is working as a server at Glory Days Grill, a personal fitness trainer, and a welder.

David McKenzie
David attended Douglass School for three years and moved before his graduation. After leaving our school he finished his education by completing a GED program in 2005. He joined the Marine Corps and graduated on November 17, 2006. David is in the 3rd Marines/2nd Battalion Infantry.  David has done two tours in Iraq and has received the following medals, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign, Global War in Terrorism Service. He has one year left on his contract for the Marine Corps and is thinking about joining Loudoun County Sheriff's Office when he returns home.
David's mom contacted us by E-mail and said, " If it were not for the teachers and staff at Douglass School he might not have made it through to his GED."
david m
Michael Ferry
"I graduated from Douglass in 1999. Since then I spent four years in the US Army. Two of the years I was stationed in Germany and the other two years I was in Fort Hood, TX.

I am currently working from home. My father and I have our own business. We are list brokers for clients through direct mail.

I live in Purvis, MS and am married to Rebecca. We have a daughter named Abigail, who is 13 months, and one son on the way. "

Loren Cavalieri Grimes

"I graduated from Douglass in 1996. I went to Johnson & Wales University and received an Associates degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management.

I got married in 2001 and became a mother the same year. I have a 3 year old son and one on the way due on Jan 2, 2005. I currently work at AT&T in the Government Contracts department and will be attending the University of Virginia to get a certificate in Federal Government Contract and Procurement Management.

The teachers/staff at Douglass changed my life. I was not headed in a good direction. They supported me and would not let me fail. I want to thank Mr. Corley, Mrs. Petty, Mr. Kitchen, Mr. Douglas, Ms. Ozment, Mrs. Landolt, Mr. Tobler, and the rest of the staff I did not mention. Without you only God knows where I'd be now. You set me straight. My parents and I are eternally greatful."
loren grimes

Warren M. Elsea

Air Force Airman Warren M. Elsea has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. Elsea is a 2003 Douglass School graduate.


Michelle Maynor Bard

"My name is Michele Bard and I attended Douglass for five years. I graduated in 1988.

I met my husband Mike at Douglass and we have been married for 15 years. We have two children. Our daughter is 13 and her name is Emily and our son is 7 and his name is Owen.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and I love it. Mike is a mechanic for Koons Honda. We have lived in Winchester for the past 12 years."


Carol Crabtree Diaz

"I graduated from Douglass in May of 1987. I cannot thank the gifted and exceptional teachers there enough.

Since graduating I have been continuing my education. I am a senior at George Mason University and a member of the Alpha Chi Honors Society. My GPA is 3.93 and I expect to graduated Summa Cum Laude. My major is sociology and I am minoring in women's studies.

It almost brings me to tears to think about what an influence the faculty at Douglass had on me and they probably don't even realize it. They saved me. I am quite sure I would have quit school and ruined my entire life.

The teachers inspired me so much I want to come back as a teacher. I want to give back what was so generously given to me."