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         The 2016 Simpson Middle School Yearbook Sale

This year we are selling a very special, 40th Anniversary Special Edition Yearbook that you will not want to miss.
         You need to order your yearbook today to assure a book for a June delivery date

   Special Price: Now  $28.00(yearbook only) 
   There are several options to chose from
                So buy the package that is right for you:
     Package A - Yearbook, Extra Autograph Pages and One Line Name Stamp     $36.00
     Package B - Yearbook, and One Line Name Stamp                                               $33.00 
     Package C - Yearbook, and Extra Autograph Pages                                               $31.00
     Or buy just the Yearbook ( a very popular choice)                                                $28.00

 You Can Help Us Pick the Yearbook Cover!  

That's right if you order your yearbook by Friday, September 18, 2015 you will be invited
to have a say in which cover is chosen. (More details and your ballot to follow).
                           We Still Have Three Ways to order the book:
 ·    Order Online-   @ 
 ·    Call toll free-    1-866-287-3096 and order on the phone. 
 ·  Mail the order to publisher-  Use form mailed to students home, or pick one up in main office. 
                (you may use a credit card to order your yearbook no matter which way you chose to do it.)
If you are planning on mailing in your order to the publisher, we can save you a stamp, just send your order to school with your son or daughter and there will be a drop box for them to place the order forms in, located in the hallway by the main office. This "save a stamp" offer will continue thru the month of September, after that you will need to mail your order to Herff Jones at the address found on the order form. 
  Make sure to include Simpsons Order Number when you buy: 13625
Last Modified on August 21, 2015