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Computer Lab Scheduling Page 


Loudoun Valley High School is served by 5 general use computer labs, as follows:
Lab 125 is reserved for Study Hall use each day.
Lab 316 is for classroom enrichment - sometimes attended by technology staff.
        NOTE:  30 workstations are available for use.
Lab 303 is for classroom enrichment - attended by technology staff.
        NOTE 28 workstations are available for use.
Lab 302 is for classroom enrichment - unattended by technology staff.
        NOTE:  21 workstations are available for use.
Lab 301 is for classroom enrichment - unattended by technology staff.
        NOTE 24 workstations are available for use.
NOTE:  Prior to making a lab reservation request, 
please check the lab schedule for availability.  
Please attempt to submit lab requests at least
24 hours prior to requested lab time. Thank you. 
To schedule lab 316, click here.
To schedule lab 303, click here.
To schedule lab 302, click here. 
To schedule lab 301, click here.