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Johnson Art Class  Art Information
Students in grades 1-5 will attend art class once a week for 50 minutes.

Creighton's Corner students will learn that art is more than just drawing!  In class we will make paintings, sculptures, collages, and learn about art history.  Students will also learn how to talk about art and interpret its meaning.  All lessons are planned according to the county, state, and national curriculums.  Classes are educational and fun for all types of learners!

One art grade is given every quarter.  This grade accounts for the students skills, effort, and behavior.  Students may receive:
4- This student exceeds the standards and uses the skills they have learned in advanced ways
3- This student demonstrates a full understanding of the standards
2- This student demonstrates a partial understanding of the standards
1- This student is consistently performing below the standards
If you have any items that you would like to donate to the art program, please drop them off in the art room before or after school.  Here are some suggestions: cardboard tubes, plastic containers, fabric, yarn, ribbon, buttons, oversized shirts for smocks, newspaper, magazines, etc. 
If you would like to help out in the art room or set up displays of artwork, please contact me through email:
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