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                                  What is the Parent Resource Center?

The Parent Resource Center for Loudoun County Public Schools exists to provide parents with information and support as they work with schools to meet their child’s learning needs.  These needs include but are not limited to academic, social, emotional, developmental and functional skills. Many of the school staff also take advantage of the services at the Center.  Promoting a positive partnership between parents and educators, the Parent Resource Center helps families understand the important role they play as part of the educational team.

 Our Parent Resource Center helps inform and educate families, including siblings, gandparents, and friends, about special education -- what it means and how services are provided to children and youth.  The Parent Resource Center gives families the tools they need to fully participate and collaborate with school staff during each step of the special education process -- from the initial referral to their role in the development of the Individualized Education Program.  We encourage parent participation in the educational decision making process as we are committed to the belief that parents are more effective in this role when they are better educated about it.

To accomplish our mission, we offer a variety of services at no cost to families.  We have a lending library of books, articles, and videotapes on disability and parenting topics.  We offer training through workshops and seminars on  a wide range of topics.  We meet individually with parents whose children are experiencing difficulty at school, at home, or in the community and wish to explore and consider the range of options available.  We assist parents in preparing for special education and other meetings at school.  We also post a variety of resources on our webpage.  (Please see details in the left column.)

Our Parent Resource Center is staffed by a parent of children with and without disabilities and a special education professional.  This partnership exemplifies the effectiveness parents and staff can experience when working closely together and focusing on children.  When contacting the Center, parents can expect to come in contact with individuals who are understanding and knowledgeable about special and general education.

Research indicates that one of the strongest indicators of a child’s success at school is parental involvement.  For children with special needs or children who are experiencing difficulties, parental involvement is critical.  Encourage friends and families to contact the Parent Resource Center -- we are a terrific source of information for parents and educators in our community.


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