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Homecoming Dance to be held in the Main Gym on Saturday, October 11th from 9 pm to midnight


The culminating event for the week is the Homecoming Dance on Saturday evening from 9pm - 12pm in the main gymThe dress code is formal. Jeans are not permitted. The cost is $20 and a ticket must be purchased during lunch shifts by Wednesday, October 8th. Permission forms, signed by a parent, are required of each and every student who wishes to attend the dance. If your Titan plans to bring a student who doesn't attend DHS, an additional permission form needs to be completed. Permission forms will be distributed by Clubhouse managers on Tuesday, September 30th. Students must dance appropriately and will receive explicit instruction regarding these expectations during Titan Time.


Student safety before, during, and after the dance is always our most significant concern of the entire school year. While we directly discourage the use of alcohol and drugs around the spectacle of the Homecoming celebration, parents are urged to be proactive in holding students accountable for good choices in this regard. Please bear in mind that it is a student responsibility to obtain the permission of their parent(s) to arrive late or leave the dance early. Prior to allowing your student to attend a pre or post-dance party, parents are urged to contact the host family to ensure that appropriate supervision will be in place to minimize or eliminate the possibility of alcohol and drugs being introduced into the equation. The most important priority throughout the entire week is that each and every Titan makes it to school unharmed on Tuesday, October 14th.